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A letter from a Faroese to the rest of the world

27 July, 2015

Written by: Hergeir

Before you condemn an entire nation, The Faroe Islands, please read this. As a Faroese citizen I feel I have to shed some light on the whale hunt, as there is a massive flood of misinformation and misunderstanding uncritically flourishing in the social medias as we speak. Every day I experience people calling me and the people of my country: Imbeciles, barbarians, primitive savages, evil, idiots, psychopaths, scum of the earth and comparisons to Anders Breivik, the nazis and ISIS being mentioned every day…which must be considered a brilliant idea, if your goal is to start a healthy debate and winning people over 😉 And the reason for all this hatred? Well, the Faroese just happen to be foreigners of differing cultures than their own.The argument usually starts out like this:

“You can’t hide behind traditions you brain dead monsters!!! What you are doing is sick!!!”

In which I reply: Whale hunting in the Faroe Islands is no more a tradition than hunting sheep, fish or birds. If you want to use “tradition” as an argument, then this is what it all boils down to:The Faroese have a tradition of being in touch with nature, facing their own food and eating. That’s our tradition.Another part of our “tradition” is to not practice species-ism, as we don’t regard the life of a pilot whale as superior to that of a sheep or a pig. They’re all equal.and then it goes:

“ I don’t give a shit about your traditions anyway. You’re killing our oceans and hunting an endangered animal making it go extinct… have you no soul?”

No, the pilot whale is not endangered and we actually have statistics going back a millennium, which makes it the one of the best documented hunts in world history. And as scientific studies have shown on several occasions the hunt is sustainable and the pilot whale is in no way endangered.

“ Never mind that! You inbreed retards kill these beautiful animals only for fun, a rite of passage and for money! You disgust me!”

Well, as explained earlier, the whale hunt is a local source of food just as fish sheep ad birds. And in no way are the pilot whales killed for fun or as a rite of passage, and it just so happens to be non commercial.

When a school of pilot whales has been beached and killed, the catch is distributed. The distribution of the meat and blubber is regulated by law, in which it is stipulated that the district administrator, the foremen of the hunt and others with certain official responsibilities each receive a defined share.

The distribution is based on solidarity and has its roots all the way back to the earliest pilot whale hunts in the Faroes. The aim is to distribute shares as equitably as possible and for free.On two islands, Sandoy and Suðuroy, the catch is only distributed among the local residents and not between those who participate in the hunt. This means that all who live in the area receive an equal share of the catch.

“ Yadda yadda… you barbaric monster. You cause endless suffering with your killings!!! And you even stab them again and again wth your machetes!!!”

Well, in The Faroes we keep improving our way of killing the pilot whale in collaboration with vets making sure the kill is as fast and humane as possible. We only use a tool called mønustingarin, and the kill is over in seconds. And there is no such thing as a countles stabbing with machetes taking place. Which compared to other whale hunts is second to none, and mind you that the whales being mentioned the Faroese only kill pilot whales:

  • The killing of a fin whale average is 16 minutes and a maximum of 60minutes, and the risk of losing the whale is 21%.
  • The minke has an average of 5 minutes when using harpoons, and 25minutes when using rifles.
  • The Humpback whale has an average of 17 minutes
  • In Denmark 3.000 – 10.000 endangered whales die by drowning in fishing nets every year, which is a long and painful death.

… and keep in mind that the whales live a free life in the open as compared to the mass produced caged animals living under terrible circumstances.

“ You just don’t get it do you? You are breaking international laws! You are both mass murderers and criminals!”

Well, in order to get meat on the table an animal has to die… and yes, blood is an inevitible part of that, and that’s why the pictures look that dramatic, but imagine bringing cattle or pig slaughterhouses to the ocean… yup the sea would indeed turn red. And as you all know meat doesn’t magically pop up in the supermarket.

And no we aren’t doing anything illegal. And no we’re not part of the EU. And as for criminal acts here is a list of criminal acts from the Sea Shepherd organization:

  • The main man, Paul Watson, is wanted by interpol as we speak.
  • In 1986, Sea Shepherd carried out an action against the Icelandic whaling station in Hvalfjoerdur and sank two Icelandic whaling vessels in Reykjavik harbour by opening their sea valves.
  • in December 1992, Sea Shepherd sank the vessel Ny broena in port.
  • Sea Shepherd claimed to have sank the Taiwanese drift net ship Jiang Haiin port in Taiwan and to have rammed and disabled four other Asian drift net ship
  • a Canadian court ordered Watson and his former ship, the Cleveland Armory, to pay a total of US$ 35,000 for ramming a Cuban fishing vessel off the coast of Newfoundland in June 1993.
  • in January 1994 the group severely damaged the whaling ship Senet in the Norwegian port of Gressvik.

“Don’t care! You are a fucking caveman, so you probably won’t know, but we are actually in 2015!!! Wake up and educate yourself! You murderers have an acute need to get civilized!!”

Well, here are some statistics in order to put things into perspective. 56 BILLION aka. farmed animals are killed every year by humans. More than 3,000 animals die every second in slaughterhouses around the world, but yet the world condemns the killing of 140 pilot whales who have lived in the open all their life and were killed within seconds.

And as an anti Faroe Islands person from England wrote: “We have regulated abattoirs and think it’s pretty safe to say that our standard of humane slaughter is exceptionally higher than yours” – Dan Kavanagh

Well let’s have a look shall we: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVGR1N2Pl00

If the animal cruelty going on in these animal farms is what you call civilized together with genetically modified food sprayed with pesticides wrapped in plastic, then I’m actually quite ok with being uncivilized.

As Vice journalists Ed Ou and Elise Coker put it in an interview: “…Those who oppose the grind often say the Faroese don’t need whale when they have access to resources from the rest of the world, but this suggestion that the Faroese should exclusively rely on outside sustenance strikes many as unfair and even somewhat ironic in light of the urban movement to eat local foods.

“ Well anyways I hope you die from mercury poisoning!”

Well, if I die from mercury poisoning the whales are definitely gonna die, as they are heavily contaminated, and if you are seriously concerned about saving the pilot whales and keeping the oceans healthy, then your death wish for the Faroese is a lot more directed against the pilot whale, so careful what you wish for.

The Faroese people are merely the symptom and not the cause of the pollution. If you want to make a difference, then fight the cause, as the whales won’t have much time left on this planet if the mercury levels keep rising.

If you want sources for any of this information, just ask and I’ll give it to you, and if you want a view on the matter from an outsider, then here’s a documentary and a blog from Vice and Ted: http://blog.ted.com/a-ted-fellows-documentary-on-whale…/

And all of you are welcome to send me a personal message if you want clarification on the complexity of the matter.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share the letter.


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