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The fundamental principle of the animal rights movement is that animals have basic interests that deserve recognition, consideration, and protection. Let ́s respect that.

Besides let ́s also respect the nature given us, which for instance requires that the survival of the human is by killing the animals for food.

We must respect the nature. Live with it, from it, and therefore we must do the hunting with respect for the sustainability. Sustainability are values which Faroes whalehunting build its hunting on. Though Sea Shephard claims the opposite.

We are aware of the whale stock, which recognized research tells us is not threatened. Though Sea Shephard claims the opposite.

And we don ́t hunt more whale than we eat! Though Sea Shephard claims the opposite.

Some are against killing whales other against killing cows. We respect that though we will not copy it.

Ironically against-whale-hunting-people ignore the big problems animals around the world are in, and put all their focus on the sort which gives blood-pictures. The argument seems to be that whales are so cute and so intelligent. Does such logic say that we must treat creatures depending on how sweet and intelligent they are? That ́s scary! But if we stay with that view, we allready know that many animals are more intelligent than the whales.

And some scientists research even tells us, that some animals are even more intelligent than human beings. We just do not understand each other.

Allthough all this I don ́t think we shall treat neither animal nor people after their intelligence nor their cuteness.

I will not live after Sea Shephards view on how we ought to live. It is unnatural. I think whales as well as other animals have both moral and legal rights. Therefore we must avoid all animal killing from suffering. But we can ́t avoid killing animals.

I ́ve noticed you think human beings should not eat animals. Only fruit and vegetables. I disagree with that.

Human beings as well as other creatures on earth are made for each other. The ecosystem is a food chain, which order is where the different organisms eat each order.

We, the human beings are a part of this chain, though some will take us out of it.

I ́ve noticed that you on Sea Shephard homepage yell at the Faroese people and shout “give them Hell”. I can tell you, that you give the whales in the oceanes Hell every day. You might forget, that it is not our whale hunting, but your way of living that is the biggest threat for the whales alive. Your lifestyle contaminates and even poisons the whales – and you don ́t seem to care. That is what threatenes all the whales in all the oceanes every day. Why don ́t you do something about that?

I tried to say my opinion on one of Sea shephards homepage yesterday. But, God, the opponents. Here is a small portion of it:

• “…you barbarian you have already lost some brain cells and have no soul.”

• “You are utter scum”

• “Annita the difference is cows are not as intelligent creatures with feelings and love for their baby’s.”

• “Anita. In short you make no sence and your people are barbaric monsters”

• “You defend the slaughter? If so your nothing but a monster! An evil monster!”

If this way of talking to other people is representative for Sea Shephards, I must admit my sceptical view on you as an animal pretender. Can such people understand fundamental principle of the animal rights. Animals have basic interests that deserve recognition, consideration, and protection. Those values are hard to find among those who throw so much hatred to dissidents.

Ps this letter was set in as a comment on Sea Shephard homepage.

Annita á Fríðriksmørk

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