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The disease called Islam

19 September, 2013


In an opinion piece written by the Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders and Party for Freedom Member of Parliament Joram van Klaveren on ThePostOnline, both state that “Islam is the largest disease that has struck our country, i.e. The Netherlands, the last 100 years.”

If you read what they write, you will, after at least experiencing a certain “surprise” on their statement, notice the adjective in the superlative form: ‘largest’. Both MPs are not talking about, and that was possible as well, the ‘worst’ disease or the ‘deadliest’ disease. They use the adjective ‘large’ and they do not do that for nothing. The superlative of the word ‘big’ sounds in one way or another neutral, the superlatives of ‘bad’, ‘worst’ and ‘deadly’, ‘deadliest’ have a much more negative impact.

With the use of the word ‘largest’ you could still perceive the statement as if it wants to compare Islam with, say, an epidemic like the flu. Now each year people die from the flu, but never in large numbers. So if Islam is a disease like the flue, it can affect you, but the illness won’t last. Unless of course if you are struck by the Spanish flu, that, less than 100 years ago, in 1918, went around the world. That was not an epidemic; it was a pandemic that struck the world mercilessly.

If we speak of the ‘largest’ disease in terms of numbers, we can also think of cancer. That disease is the number one killer in the Netherlands. Many people die annually from this devastating disease, and although we put much money in combating it and studying it, this disease remains the main cause of death in our country.

Anyway, when we speak of ‘large diseases’, we do not cheer up.

And that is, of course, the intention of the statement. Both Party for Freedom MPs choose deliberately for the equation of Islam with a disease to show how they think about Islam: it is a disease.  And diseases, the examples above tell it all, are never fun. The flu is annoying and cancer is a disaster.

So, Islam is annoying and disastrous as well; yes, even more annoying and disastrous than influenza and cancer. Because, as both state, “Islam is the largest disease that struck our country the last 100 years”.

In the writings of party ideologue Martin Bosma and Geert Wilders himself, Islam is equated with totalitarian ideologies like fascism, Nazism and communism. The Party for Freedom sees Islam as a totalitarian ideology. If you call Islam a disease, may other totalitarian ideologies therefore be called diseases as well? I would think so. May I, applying this reasoning, then conclude that the Party for Freedom considers the suffering that we have undergone under German Nazism (1940-1945) less of a disease than Islam?  German Nazism that decimated the Jewish community in the Netherlands. That bombed the Dutch cities of Rotterdam and Middelburg to ruins. The Germans that plundered our country. Well, the story is well known. But all of that would then be less ‘large’ than the disease of Islam.

Would Islam be a large disease, and would we already have been infected with it, I notice

that its consequences not really outweigh the drama of the Spanish flu and the tragedy of Nazism. Actually I see nothing around me that points to any infection. At this point both men obviously won’t agree with me. They will say that Islamization infects us without us noticing it, that basically everyone adjusts to Islam without realizing it. It is an insidious bacterium, Islam.

So far I have used in my text a somewhat ironic tone, as if I take the Islam-is-a-disease-a-large-one-yes-the-largest statement not seriously. And I would do that if I did not know that the people who claim this, take the statement very very seriously. Because let’s face it, how do we possibly get infected? That can only happen if we come into contact with Islam, and that is in 99% of cases with the carriers of the Islam bacterium: the Muslims. And they cannot help it. They are Muslims and thus bearers of Islam and thus carry the bacterium that is called Islam.

Now it becomes really unpleasant. Because posing the question of how we should destroy this bacterium is equal to answering the question. We have to fight the bearers of Islam: the Muslims so that they do not infect us any more. I would not know another way of how to fight it.

Therefore, the statement that Islam is the ‘largest disease’ that struck our country in the last 100 years is, in random order, an insult to Muslims and an insult to the history of our country.

For those interested in the ideology of the Dutch Party for Freedom, see my analysis of it in my book “The Speck in Your Brother’s Eye. The Alleged War of Islam against the West” Contact me through this site for a free copy (PDF).

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