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Attacking babies by Palestinians


This baby is an Israel, Jewish, baby girl, by the name of Na’ama, that was stoned by a Palestinian in the face! But, there’s nothing on the Israeli leftist media, and the international media. SEE what the Palestinians are doing, but suddenly the whole world is blind!

If it was a Palestinian person (NOT EVEN A BABY!), the whole world will rumble in screams to stop the Israeli occupation, and the apartheid, together with the Israeli Leftist Media such as Channel 2, Channel 10, Channel 1 etc. Immediatly the UN would have called on sanctions towards Israel RIGHT WAY!

But, this baby is not Palestinian, it’s a Jewish baby, that didn’t do nothing wrong. And yet, no one is doing anything. NO ONE is doing anything to stop the Palestinian mosters! And why? Well because of two reasons:
1. The most common – Everyone is buying the Palestinian lies, that the Israelis are the problem.
2. The real reason that everyone refuse to accept – ANTI-SEMITSM. Because of the Anti-Semtism towards Israel, and the interior treason in the country by the hands of the Leftist activists and Media, no one will deal with it.

I’m stating now what is obvious – All the world nations are hypocrits. Including the UN.

The baby girl, Na’ama, only 1.5 years old, survived, with injuries on her nose and face. She will recover. Her face will recover. But the wound in the new family, will never recover.

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