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Bad ideas have bad consequences.

31 August, 2013

Bad ideas have bad consequences. People who don’t discourage homosexual behavior similar to the way society discourages people from smoking and every school that has pro-homosexual activist groups may have blood on their hands….

According to the Center for Disease Control, which is not a part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy groups,” the number of infections from homosexual sex in 2011 was 30,573. The number of infections for straight sex is 4,588. Those numbers are even more striking when you consider that people caught up in homosexual behavior make up less then 3% of the population. Using the 3% figure for the population of, you can calculate that the infection rate for people engaging in homosexual sex is 215 times the rate for people who engage in heterosexual sex: Homosexual to Straight infection ratio = (30,573/.03)/(4588/.97) = 215. In other words, if all of the people engaging in homosexual behavior had been engaging in heterosexual sex instead, only 30,573/215 = 142 of them would have been infected. That means that 30,573 – 142 = 30,431 fewer infections would have occurred. Among the 30,431 infections that were caused by homosexual behavior, there will be a large number who suffer a premature death from AIDS.


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