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The Muslims are not happy!

The conclusion:
– The Muslims are not happy in muslim ruled countries
– They are happy in any other country in the world that is not under a Muslim rule.

And whom do they blame?
· Not Islam.
· Not their leadership.
· Not themselves.
But the same countries in which they are happy to live.

This is so true… Democracy is really good for them:
In a democracy they can live comfortably, Enjoy the high quality of life, which they did not build nor work for, they don’t have to be productive and earn a living, they can be wild, break the law, exploit the social services, wear Burka’s and make a mockery Of our Police and Courts and Generally bite the hand that feeds them.

My question is why do they always try to bring Islam with them, why do they want to turn our Country into the country they left for a better life?

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