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Your keyboard is dirty

Most likely dirtier than your toilet seat!

Recent studies show that a PC keyboard typically holds up to
3000 microbes per square inch – compared to only 49 on a
toilet seat.
The reason is that keyboards although used every day are
cleaned very rarely as opposite to toilet seats for example.

Your keyboard is handled roughly, and let’s be honest:
how often do you actually clean it? A quick brush with a
duster isn’t enough. You sneeze, drop a few crumbs and
touch your keyboard with dirty hands. The bacteria build up,
and your keyboard gradually becomes a bacteria bomb.
Therefore AM Denmark has recently introduced a new kind of
keyboard cleaner which quickly and effectively cleans the
keyboards with a mixture of IPA alcohol. IPA alcohol is a very
effective bacteria-killer, while it also dissolves grease and dirt.

(1) Source: “Dr. Gary Norskin, North Westerns Memorial Hospital, Chicago, ”
Harmful bacteria can survive for up to 24 hours on computer keyboards”.
May 2005.”

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