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The “SkyRider” passenger seat

My...this is comfy!

Airline company’s have pulled back amenities like checked bags and snacks, added fees for those amenities, then offered those same amenities as “perks” for using the airlines own-brand of credit card. How’s that for customer service?

Charging for checked bags has created a greediness for overhead space, delayed boarding and tested more than a few tempers. For many passengers it seems like the airlines have pushed all buttons of logic and service. Not so!

Now the airlines are considering another humiliating piece to the air travel experience – SMALLER PASSENGER SEATS! Avioninteriors S.p.A., of Italy, unveiled it’s “SkyRider” passenger seat. It’s sort of horse saddle with arm rests that has the passenger in a half standing, half seated crouch. The SkyRider enables airlines to reduce the current leg room in coach from 32″ to 23″ – and pack in 30% more passengers.

So where do all those extra passengers stow their bags overhead? Oh, I know, the airlines will then restrict the size of carry on bags to small purses.

No more briefcases, laptops or wheeled anything will be carried on.

An iPad will be the only device you’ll have room to use…and it doubles as a service tray.

I’m working on blueprints for producing the “iCup” – a clip-on cup holder for iPads that’ll surely be a big hit once these awful seats find their way onto a flight you’re on soon.

Enjoy the friendly skies…and you might want to hit the gym to shed a few pounds before your next flight. Something tells me airfares may soon be driven by passenger weight.

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